Can smooches signify the self?

Ariana Lightningstorm is a lipsologist in Maryland. She reads lip prints through She was kind enough to translate these kisses of mine into a quick reading so I could share it on my blog.
What Ariana had to say about the above lip prints:
“1. The shape is a triangle which says that you help others to succeed.

This is seen with coaches, teachers, counselors, HR people etc.  I.e. those who help others to succeed – someone who recognizes others’ skills and abilities and helps them to recognize those abilities in themselves.

2. The fuller upper lip shows a good listener.

3. Thinner lower lip indicates being focused on getting things done (making sure you have things balanced out – like the budget… sometimes being good at numbers – mostly being good at the details).

4. There’s an indication of being a “foodie” meaning that you care about the quality of what you eat and also that you have a romantic side.

5. Seeds of change – you have an idea, thought, project that has been put on the “back burner” and it will make a difference in the world.  This may be your current reading work.  Good thing!  So, what I usually say is “Seeds of Change – Just do it!”

Finally, you have had such a hard time making a strong imprint because you seriously need a break.  You have ghost lip prints…

Here’s what I recommend…
1. Get away for a minimum of 3 days (takes 3 days for the brain to go from work mode to rest mode).  Do this on your own (’cause if you go with others you’ll do what they want to do).  You can’t bring work (because it wouldn’t be rest if you do) and definitely do this soon!
That’s a quick take on your lip prints.”

Thanks, Ariana, for the fun interaction. Do you have similar kiss prints?

I’ll never kiss goodbye my love for Tarot and tea leaf readings. If you’d like  me to read Tarot and/or tea leaves for you, please contact me.

Thanks for the read.


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